Do OluKai sandals and shoes have arch support?

On our main categories such as Men’s Sandals, or Women’s Shoes, you can filter the products by arch support: Low, Standard, and High. Follow these steps to filter the products:

  1. Click “Filter & Sort” on the collection page
  2. Select the Arch filter
  3. Click “Apply”

You can use the direct links below to apply the filter.

Men’s Sandals

  1. Standard Arch
  2. High Arch

Men’s Shoes

  1. Standard Arch
  2. High Arch

Women’s Sandals

  1. Low Arch
  2. Standard Arch
  3. High Arch

Women’s Shoes

  1. Standard Arch
  2. High Arch

For additional fit information, reference the “Fit Guide” on the product page of the style you are interested in. Scroll down on the product page and you will see a Fit Guide that illustrates how the style runs in size, width, and arch.

Apr 5, 2024